I'm sorry

I should walk away - make sure that I can’t hurt you no more.

Är det det du gör?

I should just keep away and let you be alone.

Jag vill inte

I should be the one who understands to back off and give you the life you deserve, a life without drama and confusion.

Det blir både förvirringar och drama om du lämnar mig..

A life filled with happiness.

Inte utan dig

But here I stand, all alone and nothing feels better – just worse and I pray that everything will be better someday.

But how can it?

Det blir bara värre, för du har slutat kämpa

We are far from okay and everyday just shows how much we have grown apart, even if we talk everyday both of us are starting to grow up and therefore change.

Det behöver inte vara så..

But I don’t want to change, I don’t want to be standing alone, all I do want is someone to undo these tears and take away the pain, tell me that everything is going to be okay.

Jag lovade att alltid finnas där, alltid. Aldrig lämna din sida.

And I know – that that someone has to be you.

Jag svek dig.




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